We have heard an inside rumor that this touch screen-oriented controller should be making its debut later this year.

PCGamesN reports that hardware industry insiders are saying that Steam's unique, touch-sensitive controller pad could be on sale by this October. The Steam controller would help usher in the first set of SteamOS PCs that are expected to release sometime by the end of 2014.

Industry sources have said that the controller has been labelled with an "October or November" launch window behind closed doors. They also claim that the SteamOS will be supporting over 500 games by the end of 2014. As of right now, the SteamOS supports up to 382 titles.

The Steam controller bears a unique design, with separate touch screens placed where each of your thumbs would normally rest on the controller. Once this controller has been finalized and integrated into the SteamOS, we would expect that the long-awaited line of Steam Machine PCs would be following shortly, with these controllers likely to be packaged with them