Undead Labs has finally revealed the release date for their Lifeline downloadable content episode for State of Decay, accompanied by a nifty trailer.

An update on the official Undead Labs website reveals to us that the Lifeline DLC will be released on May 30, 2014 for the price of $6.99. A free title update will also be rolled out with the DLC, featuring Rucks in Trucks. The LIfeline DLC features a squad of military soldiers who go into a city to rescue folk from the zombie apocalypse. You'll be able to play around an all-new city complete with a new narrative to boot. You and your friends can set up strategies to take down zombies using weapons, coordination and big ol' trucks. That scene in the trailer in which a zombie gets turned into a smear thanks to the rear wheels of a truck is oddly gratifying.

Although your squad of ultimate badasses will be running around the city, bashing zombies around with shovels, you should also take care to help escort survivors to safety. And most importantly, you have to ensure that your base is secure and help protect it from zombie attacks. Don't leave any part of the perimeter unguarded unless you want zombies, because that's how you get zombies.

Download Lifeline, the second DLC for State of Decay, for $6.99 when it becomes available on May 30.