The zombie survival game is strong in Undead Labs' State of Decay, currently out for PC and Xbox 360. Well, plan for some more thrills when it's released for Xbox One next year.

According to the Xbox Wire, Xbox One players will receive the State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition in Spring 2015. This is meant to be the definitive version of the game, running in 1080p and bundled with the Breakdown and Lifeline add-on packs. On top of these bonuses, there will also be more new content coming to the Survival Edition. Undead Labs has not yet revealed what this content will be, but will be divulging that sweet information when the release date gets closer.

State of Decay offers a survival horror experience in which the story progression is dynamic and the world persists even as the player heads offline. Characters can even suffer perma-death, just to give things a better sense of urgency. Plan to survive when the Year-One Survival Edition of State of Decay is released in Spring 2015 for the Xbox One.