The newest piece of downloadable content for this open-world zombie apocalypse game brings in the military.

State of Decay: Lifeline seeks to explore the military aspect of a world run by the undead.  Undead Labs acknowledges that in zombie fiction (particularly in George Romero's Dead series and during parts of 'The Walking Dead'), the military is often used as the main badguy.

Fortunately, Undead Labs also acknowledges that the military is comprised of many brave and just people who legitimately would be the optimal survival group in a zombie apocalypse. This will prove to be an interesting twist on the State of Decay experience since you will be in an organized group but will experience the breakdown of military order. At first you'll be a part of a small unit trying to rescue scientists pertinent to curing the undead outbreak.

An interesting thing is that you have a base which you are going to need to regularly defend against zombies. At first, you have to secure a landing zone where your helicopter backup can drop supplies and extract rescued civilians. But the landing zone area will ultimately become your fortified base where you and your other soldiers must continuously keep safe for the sake of others and yourselves. Unfortunately, there is still no word as to the official release date of State of Decay's Lifeline DLC and whether or not it will have a simultaneous release for the PC and Xbox 360 formats.