Undead Labs, creators of the excellent Xbox 360 Arcade and PC title State of Decay, will be announcing a new game on Monday.

Undead Games’ Twitter feed has seen multiple updates over the last day about a new project that will be announced Monday. After a Tweet revealing that post-apocalyptic novelist JL Bourne would be involved in the future of State of Decay, Undead Tweeted the following, “Having said all I can about SoD's bright future, should I mention we're announcing a game on Monday that has nothing to do with SoD? Hmm.”

Jeff Strain, curator of Undead’s Twitter, went on to explain that, “It is not a zombie game. Like... not at all a zombie game,” adding, “More than that, I cannot say.” Strain then went on to assure gamers that the new project won’t interfere with their plans for State of Decay’s sequel, “Apropos of nothing, did you know that a studio can make more than one game at once?”

Strain then raised eyebrows with a Tweet that read, “No zombies, no Microsoft. AND NO MORE HINTS,” leading some to believe that State of Decay’s sequel may not be published by Microsoft. Strain clarified in a later Tweet, “'no Microsoft' in that tweet earlier = MS not publishing new game. Still VERY happily partnered w/ them for State of Decay games.”

So what we know is that Undead is still making State of Decay 2 with Microsoft, and that they are working on a new, non-zombie-related project that will be announced on Monday. What we don’t know is everything else about the new game. Undead has one certified hit under their belt, so we’re hoping for something special when they make the announcement next week.

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