Blizzard has outlined some the StarCraft 2 2013 World Championship Series details on their blog on, letting the public know what they'll be doing with this year's event after taking a look at 2012's competition and what they could change.

And apparently, a lot of things could have tweaked! Blizzard and their partners have come up with a new tournament series, "with a cohesive structure and unified global point ranking system," meaning that there will be a better tourney experience for all audiences and participants to follow throughout the year.

They've separated the tournament into three leagues within three regions around the world, all running at the same time. The 2013 WCS itself will take place over three seasons, starting from April 4th, 2013 through to the weekend of November 8th, 2013. The whole thing will culminate in the WCS Global Finals at BlizzCon 2013!

For more detailed information on all of the trappings associated with the 2013 World Championship Series, check out the blog post on

Let us know if you're looking to participate and maybe see yourself fighting for the championship at BlizzCon 2013!