Take note, intrepid Rebel and Imperial ground forces, for your day on the battlefield is nigh: EA has announced that Star Wars Battlefront will be coming to consoles during the 2015 holiday season, one short year from today.

The news came during EA's quarterly financial call, as reported by CVG. Some thought that perhaps Battlefront would retain the summer release, however EA and DICE have decided to move the game back to the holiday season. Of course we have yet to see any screenshots or video of this new Battlefront, but knowing when the game is launching just means that now we know when to expect something *cough E3 2015 cough*.

A few of us here at Arcade Sushi have always held that the most important piece of information a publisher can give about a game is the day it's launching. They can shove all of the pretty screenshots and awesome trailers in our faces that they want, but until we know when to experience these things for ourselves all of those things are moot. EA is doing away with that barrier early with this announcement, and because of that our excitement level will be that much higher when it's time to see the game for real.

Star Wars Battlefront is due next holiday season, but if we had to predict a day we'd say October 27, 2015. Falls into DICE's normal Battlefield release schedule since BF3, and the announcement of no Battlefield 5 until 2016 means something has to fill the gap. We'll see what happens. Plus, that gets it out in time to drum up even more hype for the release of 'Star Wars: Episode VII'.