The ultra-geniuses at Paradise Decay are working on a crossover project that just might break the internet when it arrives. Today, a new trailer went up for Paradise Decay’s version of 'Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope', as envisioned in Minecraft.

The trailer shows off some impressive assets built in Minecraft by the Paradise Decay team. Tons of familiar Star Wars spacecraft are pictured, including X-Wings, TIE Fighters, Y-Wings, Star Destroyers and the Millennium Falcon, as well as land vehicles like the Jawas’ Sand Barge and Luke’s Landspeeder, which are shown on the desert planet of Tatooine. Most impressive, however, is the Death Star, which is shown only in small sections. It’s not known if the team actually built a full-scale Death Star in Minecraft, but the shot of the Millennium Falcon docking in one of its bays, complete with Imperial crew members, is almost perfectly movie accurate, and the brief look at the famous trench run gave me chills.

Paradise Decay has been at work on the Minecraft Star Wars project for some time now, and have previously released trailers, including two shot-for-shot remakes of the movie’s original 1977 trailers, as well as a 30-minute sneak peek that doesn’t include audio. This trailer represents the last video the team will post before the full-length film drops some time next year exclusively on the team’s website.