Anyone who's been itching for some dogfights in space in Star Citizen will be glad to know that the Arena Commander Mode is launching soon.

According to the game's official site, Arena Commander will be released on May 29. Backers will get access to the single player "Free Flight" and "Vanduul Swam" game modes while the first batch of multiplayer testers will get to jump into the multiplayer game modes.

The number of players in multiplayer games will be scaled up to include even more combatants. Of course, any bugs that arise will make it necessary to stop the games and fix them. Once Arena Commander is released, Cloud Imperium Games will add more servers to the game in order to allow for more multiplayer games to be running at one time.

If you're a backer who helped the campaign reach $43 million in funding, then expect access to Arena Commander on May 29.