Eidos' rusted shut gates are being reopened by Square Enix in the hopes that some ballsy developers are willing to step forward and do something amazing with its most beloved IPs.

Square Enix has announced that it is accepting pitches via its Collective initiative to see what ideas the indie scene has for some of Eidos' most famous unused IPs. While Eidos has long been defunct, fans are still hoping for new games from some of its franchises that have been collecting dust over the years, so Square Enix is taking pitches for game ideas based on the Gex, Anachronox and Fear Effect IPs.

We admit, it's tough to really do anything cool with Gex, but the cyberpunk, noir and humorous style of Anachronox has us hoping that a decent sequel or reboot happens. For those who don't remember, Gex was the old mascot of Crystal Dynamics. Gex was one of the last anthropomorphic animals with an alliteration in his name (Gex the Gecko) that meant to leech off of the popularity that Sonic and Tails received in the past. The gecko joined Bubsy and the rest of those anthropomorphic ripoffs in character hell after his third adventure on the PS-One. Nevertheless, Square Enix is willing to take any interesting pitches for a new Gex game, whether it be a side-scroller, RPG, or whatever the indie scene can properly showcase.

We're very interested in what modern developers can do with the Fear Effect license. Fear Effect was a risque action game that featured an overabundance of cel-shaded graphics. Actually, Fear Effect was one of the first titles to ever use cel-shading to make anime/cartoon visuals for its games, with Jet Set Radio following its release a year later. and using a similar, albeit more animated style. If you're an indie developer and would like to make a name for you and your studio, get to work and start pitchin'.