Indie game aficionados have been following the development of Chris Hecker’s unique espionage game, Spy Party, since it started back in 2011. The long-awaited project has taken a big step forward today, offering fans a gameplay trailer as well as access to the beta.

Spy Party is a unique 2-player title where one player takes the role of a spy, and the other controls a sniper. The spy’s job is to blend in at a high-society party populated by AI characters. The spy works the room, chatting with guests while attempting to surreptitiously complete objectives like placing a bug on a foreign dignitary, seducing a fellow party-goer or stealing the party’s guest list. Meanwhile, the sniper carefully watches the whole affair, trying to figure out which guest is the spy. Once he’s decided on the culprit, he takes the shot and hopes he guessed right.

While the beta and trailer are both limited to rudimentary, blocky character models and simple textures, Hecker has given us a look at the art style that will be found in the final version of the game. Future trailers will feature the new art style, and Hecker has expressed interest in having players make trailers for the game, the way Minecraft did several years ago.

The video, of course, is free to watch, but the beta will set you back $15. Purchasing the beta also gives full access to the completed game once it arrives. Hecker has stated that he wants the game to appear on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and possibly the iPad. Hopefully we’ll hear more about this unique asymmetrical multiplayer game’s official release in the coming weeks and months.