Die Gute Fabrik has finished a Kickstarted compendium of local multiplayer games and released a trailer for it. Folks, behold Sportsfriends.

Doug Wilson, Producer of Sportsfriends, posted to the PlayStation Blog with an announcement that Sportsfriends will be released on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on May 6. Interested parties (who'd like to play at parties), can pick up either version for the cost of $14.99.

You can see all of the crazy, multiplayer-driven action in the trailer above. But it's important to note that each version will feature different games, which, according to Wilson, are as follows:

Both PS3 and PS4 versions feature:

  • Four award-winning multiplayer games
  • No-bulls**t --- local multiplayer in its purest form
  • Rich variety of modes and gameplay settings
  • Build and save your own Hokra arenas
  • Optional: PlayStation Move motion controller support for Johann Sebastian Joust
  • Some of the weirdest Trophies on PSN
  • Tons of secrets we can't talk about
PS4 version features:
  • DualShock 4 wireless controller support for all the games
  • Play JS Joust with up to four players
  • Play JS Joust with DualShock 4, making special use of its speaker and LED
PS3 version features:
  • DualShock 3 support for all the games
  • Play JS Joust with up to seven players
  • Play JS Joust with DualShock 3
  • Load your own music files in JS Joust!
As you can see, there will be plenty for you and your friends to do in this stylish multiplayer compendium. If you buy the PlayStation 3 version, you'll also get to download the Playstation 4 version for free. How's that for a nice bonus? Look out for Sportsfriends when it becomes available on May 6.