The good folks at Ubisoft have posted a ComDev video that explores the art direction in the upcoming stealth game, Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Sam Fisher is back and will be one with the shadows once more in the new game. Avoiding detection by hiding in the darkness has always been a big part of the Splinter Cell series and the new ComDev video features a look at the in-game camera's lens and the new light sources in Blacklist.

The lens on the in-game camera will show lens flare, atmospheric effects, and some traces of raindrops depending on the environment in which Fisher finds himself, hopefully giving the stealth experience more immersion. Art Director Scott Lee explains the importance of light sources in the game and how they wanted to make it like an object in play rather than just a feature in the backgrounds.

Check out the full video below for a taste of the visuals in Blacklist. The game is set to drop sometime in Spring 2013, but we'll let you know if any concrete release date surfaces.