Not only did Nintendo finally give the anticipated action shooter Splatoon a firm release date during the latest Nintendo Direct, it also announced the game would get special amiibo figures.

Splatoon will finally see release on May 29, as will three new amiibo figures specifically made for the game. Players will be able to purchase Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy and Inkling Squid figures, which will unlock special missions and gear for the game. It's not clear if other amiibo figures will offer any kind of incentive for the shooter, but it definitely looks like Nintendo is going all in for all its games when it comes to amiibo.

During the Nintendo Direct, some new footage and gameplay from Splatoon was also shown off. In addition to single-player and online Turf War modes, Splatoon will also get a Ranked Battle mode. Players will be ranked according to performance and wins in the 4v4 multiplayer matches online. There will also be a Battle Dojo, where players can play local 1v1 shootouts. One player will use the Gamepad as the controller and screen, while the other uses the TV and a Wii remote.

You can check out some of the game's maps in action in the trailer above while you wait for Splatoon to arrive next month. Though the Wii U's current expected release slate for the remainder of the year doesn't look all that impressive, there are some exciting things coming in the short term. Hopefully Splatoon can be a game that gives Wii U owners something to be enjoy until Nintendo's post-summer plans are revealed.

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