It's been 30 years since the original Super Mario Bros. game came out, and Nintendo is looking to celebrate by releasing Mario Maker.

Looking ahead, Satoru Iwata has announced that the 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros., which originally came out in 1985, will be a celebration! One of the ways that Nintendo is looking to celebrate is with its new game, Mario Maker. In Mario Maker, you will have the ability to do exactly what the title suggests — make Super Mario. You'll not only be able to create, but also play through custom levels of Super Mario Bros.

When crafting your own Mario stage, you'll be able to switch between four different Super Mario Bros. game themes in order to create your perfect world. These four different themes will take you all the way from the beginning of the game in its 8-bit glory to the present with enhanced graphics. You can decide which one you want to create in or, you could create in all of them. Then, you can upload your creations for players all over the world to enjoy.

Mario Maker is just one of the things Nintendo reportedly has planned for the 30th anniversary, but didn't share any details on what else to expect. If it's anything like the Year of Luigi, or the 25th anniversary, there'll likely be a few more games and possibly a special edition console/hardware to commemorate the occasion. That's just our guess, though.

Be on the look out for Mario Maker, which will launch this September for Wii U to celebrate 30 years of Super Mario Bros.