The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, revealed that his company's presence at E3 2015 will be focused mainly on its first-party IPs.

Phil Spencer is no stranger to social media. He regularly responds to the fans, video game industry figureheads and has almost an open door policy when it comes to talking about his company and even the competition over at Sony and Nintendo. Recently, Spencer revealed that Xbox's presence at E3 this year will feel a bit different than previous showings due to Microsoft's big focus on first-party IPs this time around. It is likely that Mass Effect 4 and all the other big, anticipated multi-console releases will be either revealed during Sony's showing or their individual publisher's conferences which will happen that weekend. Spencer elaborated that Xbox certainly still has all of its third-party deals in place for non-Microsoft games to come out for the Xbox One, but he wants to focus on bringing attention to and growing the franchises that belong to his company.

In a rather bold move, Spencer openly congratulated Sony on Bloodborne reaching the one million units sold milestone shortly after its release, admitting that its tough for a brand new IP to do so well. Obviously, Spencer was looking into growing Xbox's own IPs. This means that we're likely going to see major showings from the Black Tusk Studios' next Gears of War, Lionhead Studios' Fable Legends and Halo 5: Guardians to say the least. It could be possible that there will be spin-offs or new titles of these franchises as well. First-party IPs do not include the timed exclusivity deals Xbox has with the likes of Rise of the Tomb Raider or Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's downloadable content. We have a feeling we'll be seeing Banjo Kazooie and Battletoads get new Xbox One games announced at E3. One of the main critiques we had over Xbox's E3 2014 showing was that there were too many games on display that were coming out for PlayStation consoles as well. Here's to hoping Xbox blows our socks off in the coming months with its core titles.

We look forward to Microsoft's showing at E3 2015, which takes place from June 16-18 in Los Angeles, CA.