Xbox head Phil Spencer acknowledged the success of the PS4-exclusive Bloodborne on Twitter, noting how hard it is for new IPs to thrive in the modern era. We're really glad to see Spencer being a good sport and honest when it comes to admiring his competition at Sony.

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The blood-soaked horrors and edge-of-your-seat difficulty of Bloodborneseem to have struck a chord with gamers— according to a blog post from Sony, the spiritual successor to Dark Souls has netted itself a player base of over one million.

Not content to rest on their laurels, the development team at From Software is hard at work optimizing the Bloodborne experience. Though the load screens are infrequent, they're also infamously long-lasting, and From Software's working hard to trim down on the many times players will spend staring at that blank loading screen. They're also working to squash a few bugs, including the often-abused glitch which dramatically decreases the game's difficulty. Patch 1.03 is expected to arrive before the end of the month, so if you're hoping to abuse that easy mode glitch, you'd better get to it, and if you're constantly wondering if you're getting better at the game or if you've accidentally glitched it to become easier, soon you will have to worry no longer.

Bloodborne's popularity is no surprise; it takes plenty about what works in the popular Dark Souls series while both expanding upon and refining the formula to ultimately create one damn fine game. Dark Souls has a history of releasing several impressive DLC chapters post-launch, so here's to hoping that Bloodborne continues this fine tradition, perhaps by including some DLC that answers the mystery behind that dang Beast Mode. Some new Challice Dungeons will be nice as well.


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