Sony sees your system decals and raises you a completely modified faceplate for PS4 with Project Skylight.

Ever since the PlayStation 4 came out, Sony has been looking at ways to give the consumer a personalized experience. Sony announced today on the PlayStation Blog that it didn't stop with just the customized themes within the PlayStation 4's UI. Instead, it's thinking outside the box and giving users a way to customize their PlayStation 4 shells beyond the stock color choices of black and white. With Project Skylight, Sony will be producing limited edition faceplates for your PlayStation 4 to replace that boring black or white background you've been staring at for so long. What does this mean? You can throw out all those stickers you've been stockpiling and instead buy a faceplate for $24.99 featuring your favorite game characters on it.

Right now, Sony only has two faceplates in its shop, one for LittleBigPlanet and one for The Order: 1886, which are both in very limited supply. Since Sony plans on continuing this project, you should check back on its site every once in a while and see what other faceplates are available to buy.

While this is the first step in Sony's plans of personalization, it is not its last. We'll just have to wait and see what other ways Sony is going to give players more personality on the PlayStation 4.

Sony also provided a tutorial video that shows you how to change the PlayStation 4's faceplates:

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