As Evolution Studios announced the newest features being added to its upcoming social racer, DriveClub, Sony formally announced that the game has revoked its original PlayStation Plus subscription requirement for those who choose to upgrade their free copy of the game.

Sony's European Twitter has announced that DriveClub is going to rescind its previous requirement of having a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to play the digitally-upgraded version of the game. When DriveClub launches on Oct. 7, it will offer a free version of the racer exclusively to PlayStation Plus subscribers. This PlayStation Plus Edition of DriveClub will include all of its game modes and methods of play. It will also restrict your access to only 10 cars, 11 tracks and 1 raceway location.

The PS Plus version of DriveClub will offer many add-ons for sale to offer some of the things the full game has that the free edition lacks. The free PlayStation Plus Edition of DriveClub is going to offer a full upgrade for the discounted price of $49.99.

Regardless of how you upgraded the PS Plus Edition, the game was going to require you to have an active PS Plus subscription in order to play. Luckily, Sony has decided to let subscribers whose accounts run out to still be able to play the game, which means that all you need is and active subscription when you download the game and make your upgrade.

DriveClub's director, Paul Rustchynsky, has announced some new features from the game on the PlayStation Blog. Clubs will allow you to join a team of other racers that will inspire everyone to cross the finish line first while pulling off some amazing stunts along the way. The more you and each of your teammates succeed, the more the group benefits.

If another member of your Club wins trophies, pulls off amazing feats, wins prized races or beat their rivals, the other members gain fame and cash. As long as everyone is excelling, your Club is destined for greatness. Every track is filled with specific challenges, with many being isolated to particular areas of the raceway. You have the ability to challenge your friends and rivals to try and recreate some of your craziest stunts or achievements and even set its parameters, such as what car, road, specific turn and weather condition you want them to try it on.