Evolution Studios takes the wheel to start answering some of the frequent questions and comments it has experienced in regards to its free, PlayStation Plus Edition of DriveClub.

Evolution Studios has announced on the PlayStation Blog just how the PlayStation Plus Edition of DriveClub will compare to its retail Blu-ray version. PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download DriveClub's PlayStation Plus Edition for free upon the game's release date of Oct. 7. This PlayStation Plus Edition will include all of DriveClub's impressive-looking gameplay and all of its game modes, but will be restricting your access to only 11 tracks, 10 cars and one location (India). The PS Plus Edition will offer many purchasable add-ons in order to bridge the gap between this free edition and the physical copy you can buy at retail stores.

DriveClub will be launching on Oct. 7 exclusively for PlayStation 4, with the digital PlayStation Store and physical Blu-ray editions both launching on this date. PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download the PS Plus Edition for free on Oct. 7 as well. Upgrading the free PS Plus version of DriveClub to the digital equivalent of the Blu-ray edition will cost a one-time purchase of $49.99, offering you all 50 cars, 50 tour events, five locations and 55 tracks. Unfortunately, your PlayStation Plus subscription must remain active in order to enjoy this version of DriveClub.

If it didn't sound like a glorified demo before, these new details certainly don't do much in the way of making the PS+ version sound like such a great option.