We have learned of yet another major blowback that has struck the team working on DriveClub.

VideoGamer has confirmed that Col Rodgers has left Evolution Studios this past February. Rodgers has told VideoGamer that him parting ways with Evolution Studios was not connected to the recent string of layoffs which struck many of Sony's UK-based development teams, which included Evolution Studios along with Guerrilla Cambridge and Sony London Studios.

Rodgers claims that his departure was strictly for personal reasons and was done in an amicable manner. He also has reiterated the notion that he remains on good terms with both Sony and the Evolution team. Rodgers has stated that he left the studio in order to start up his own indie studio, Big Red Switch Games. Unfortunately, Rodgers was unable to say who will be taking his place as Game Director for the studio.

Sony previously claimed the layoffs wouldn't impact the development of DriveClub, but without a director in place, that future seems even murkier.