It looks like Sony still has a few tricks left up its sleeve when it comes to the PlayStation 4. New reports indicate the company is planning to unveil a virtual reality headset during September's Tokyo Game Show compatible with the upcoming next-gen console.

According to CVG, Sony's VR headset was slated to appear at Gamescom, but those plans fell through at the last moment. Instead, Sony is purportedly readying the peripheral to debut at TGS 2013.

A source close to the development of the device claimed Evolution Studios is working on making Drive Club compatible, and is hoping to offer a cockpit view via the headset. The Occulus Rift competitor is believed to look a bit more like Sony's portable 3D headset than the Rift, which might make it a bit more appealing to a larger consumer base.

Tokyo Game Show kicks off on Sept. 19, so we won't have long to wait and see what Sony really has in store.