Since we already covered Microsoft, now it's Sony's turn in this list of the 10 Most Anticipated PS4 Launch Titles. For a long time, the PS4 has been selling itself on, “Hey look, we aren’t the Xbox One!” and for a while, that worked. However, Microsoft has pulled a 180 and has provided an absolutely spectacular launch lineup for their new console. So now the PS4 has to sell itself on more than just not instituting draconian DRM policies. Now they have to sell themselves on their actual launch lineup of games. Luckily we have rounded up this list of the 10 Most Anticipated PS4 Launch Titles to help make your next generation console choice easy.

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    The PlayRoom

    The PlayRoom is going to be the pack-in title for the PlayStation 4; the tech demo that shows us what the console is capable of. It’s little more than a creation platform that allows you to take advantage of the PS4’s new camera, motion controls, touch pad, and share button. However, these few tools allow you to create a number of awesome augmented reality scenarios. Want to have a concert with robots and goblins in your own living room? The PlayRoom can let you do that and that’s why it’s on our list of the 10 Most Anticipated PS4 Launch Titles.

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    Skylanders: Swap Force

    Skylanders: Swap Force will be a dual console title, but Activision has been pretty adamant about showing it off on the PS4. Not only are the graphics better than just about any other version of the game, but a number of social media functions have been built in which will allow you to see your friend’s Skylanders collection as it grows!

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    Watch Dogs

    Watch Dogs is another dual console game, and it even made it onto our list of 10 Most Anticipated Xbox One Titles because of its Xbox Smart Glass features. So why is it here? Two words: Vita Connectivity. Watch Dogs will have a ton of cool little features for the Vita, somehow tying the handheld into the game's city hacking interface.

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    Warframe was named as one of Extra Credits’ games that you should probably try. It’s a shooter that is only co-op and uses that to its advantage. Players will use a variety of weapons and items, ranging from guns to futuristic katanas, to work together and complete a variety of missions, or perhaps just hold out against wave after wave of enemies.

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    Reso0Gun was only recently revealed at Gamescom this year, and it’s awesome. It's classic arcade side-scrolling shooting, just the way all the old Geometry Wars addicts want it. You’ll fly around on a pseudo 3D atmosphere, defending against waves of enemies on both sides with a variety of different weapons, and you’ll do it all while trying to climb your way to the top of the leader board.

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    Contrast is filled with indie genius, and the PS4 is all about indie titles. In this game, you play as the imaginary friend of a young girl who is having some issues at home. Her mother works as a singer in seedy clubs, and her father is constantly in monetary trouble with the mob. As her imaginary friend, you have the ability to either traverse the real world, or turn yourself into a 2D shadow. And there is the rub. You don’t actually see any real people or objects in the game, just their shadows, and you can interact with them. Therefore, the horrible things happening to this family happen in a sort of weird, yet tasteful, shadow play that somehow give them even more impact. It’s a work of art and it certainly deserves to be on our list of 10 Most Anticipated PS4 Launch Titles.

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    #DRIVECLUB is Sony’s answer to Forza 5, and if you couldn’t tell by its hashtag title, it’s all about social media and networking. Sure, you’ll be able to race against the A.I., but you’ll also be able to race against the best in the world, as the game’s seamless open map will constantly feed you goals to try and beat set by other players. The whole game is drop-in/drop-out awesomeness on four wheels. Will your #DRIVECLUB be better than everyone else’s #DRIVECLUB? #MULTIPLAYER #PS4GAMES #HASHTAG #WHOKNOWS

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    Every console needs a mascot and Knack is kind of the PS4’s mascot. This tiny little gremlin like guy was one of the first games ever shown for Sony's next console. It was supposed to show off the system’s particle rendering capabilities, but it inadvertently created a Spyro/Crash Bandicoot/Sly Cooper for a new generation.

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    If you put Minecraft on a console, people will be excited for it. This is a law of the gaming world. Minecraft has managed to challenge Call of Duty as both the best sold and the most played game of all time. It’s an indie game with the power of a AAA title, and it’s something that PlayStation fans have been waiting for. Of course it makes our list. It would be one of the most anticipated games on any console!

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    Killzone: Shadow Fall

    Finally, we have one of the first hardcore titles to ever be showcased for the PS4. Killzone: Shadow Fall takes the Killzone series out of its comfort zone and into… well… something more like a demilitarized zone. Instead of telling the story of a huge space war, it tells the story of an uneasy coexistence between the Helgahn and the ISA on the planet Vekta. The Vektans and the Helgahn refugees are in the middle of a cold war, constantly threatening to wipe each other out. Think of it as a North Korea/South Korea sort of thing. This is going to be the PS4’s big shooter opus and its one of the big reasons many PS4 fans will be buying the console. That's why it's #1 on our list of the 10 Most Anticipated PS4 Launch Titles.

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