This is it. Only two months until the new consoles come out and we've got you covered with the 10 Most Anticipated Xbox One Launch Titles. (We've also got a contest as well.) The Xbox One is well-known for its commitment to AAA titles and console exclusives. It has been selling itself on the games since… well since they got tired of pimping out Skype, TV and the Call of Duty dog. The launch lineup of the Xbox One is pretty impressive, and these are the 10 Most Anticipated Xbox One Launch Titles.

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    The Fighter Within

    The Fighter Within is a new entrant to our list of 10 Most Anticipated Xbox One Launch Titles. It was announced just last week at Gamescom, and few details are available for this strange motion-controlled fighter by Ubisioft. Unfortunately, motion controlled fighting games have been routinely horrible ever since motion controls were invented, but Ubisoft is confident it got the formula right this time.

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    Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

    Speaking of interesting Ubisoft titles, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is another one of the much anticipated Xbox One launch titles. Granted it’s a multi-console title, as much of our list is, so we wouldn’t call it a killer app. However, you will be hard-pressed to find any Xbox One owner who doesn’t have this latest addition to Ubisoft’s epic Assassin’s Creed series.

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    Watch Dogs

    We are only realizing now that Ubisoft dominates quite a bit of this list. It’s undeniable that they make quality titles though, and Watch Dogs is one of the most anticipated Ubisoft titles, period. When this futuristic, cyperpunk city hacking game was first announced, it was advertised as being one of the few new titles to take advantage of the Xbox SmartGlass. Ubisoft is still promising the ability to use your own cell phone as a hacking apparatus on the Xbox One, and we are excited to see exactly how that works.

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    Battlefield 4

    While Battlefield 4 may not come with any specific Xbox One exclusive bonuses, it is being bundled with the Xbox One at many retailers. As a result, fans are starting to associate the popular EA shooter with the console. It was also one of the first titles that was playable on a show floor with Xbox One controllers. At this point, Battlefield 4 is kind of like the Xbox One’s unofficial shooter mascot.

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    Ryse: Son of Rome

    Speaking of mascots, people were saying that Ryse was going to be the Xbox One analog to Kratos when the game as first shown off at E3 this year. Of course, hype for Ryse has died down since then, but it still seems like a pretty awesome game with squad mechanics and lots of ancient Roman action.

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    Forza Motorsport 5

    Forza is one of Microsoft’s most treasured franchises. So of course it was going to make the list of 10 Most Anticipated Xbox One Launch Titles. Forza has always been one of the biggest names in racing excellence and, to be honest, Sony’s hashtag-named #DRIVECLUB just isn’t going to compare. This is the game to go to for real rubber to the road action, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s an Xbox One exclusive as well.

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    Crimson Dragon

    Speaking of console exclusives, the next three titles on our list are all Xbox One-only. Crimson Dragon is a brand new game from the creators of Panzer Dragoon and it’s essentially everything a Panzer Dragoon lover could want. It’s a medieval fantasy-based rail shooter that is absolutely beautiful. It’s also a downloadable title, which shows that Microsoft does have a few friends in the indie realm.

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    Killer Instinct

    Who would have thought that one of the biggest fighting game releases of this upcoming year was going to be a free to play Xbox One exclusive that can be upgraded to a full title for only 20 dollars? Not us! Killer Instinct has tight mechanics, amazing graphics and plenty of throwbacks to the KI days of old. It’s a phenomenal title that the fighting game community is drooling over.

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    Dead Rising 3

    Dead Rising 3 is a strange instance of a game that became a console exclusive after a jump in generations. Yes, only Xbox One owners will be able to play this darker, grittier Dead Rising. The goofy Servbot heads have been taken out and replaced by assault rifles and body armor. This is the face of the new zombie apocalypse, and while it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it sure does have Xbox One fans excited.

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    Call of Duty: Ghosts

    Finally, the top game on our 10 Most Anticipated Xbox One Launch Titles list is not a console exclusive at all. It’s hard to deny that Xbox and Call of Duty are near-inseparable brands. Hell, the entire Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal event was partially sponsored by Microsoft. The Xbox One and Xbox 360 will be getting all the downloadable content for Ghosts before anyone else. Special Call of Duty: Ghosts-themed headsets are coming out for the Xbox One. Xbox Live is practically selling itself off of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Somehow, even though it’s not a console exclusive, Call of Duty Ghosts has managed to become the killer app that sells the Xbox One.


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