Sony has issued an update to help ease the worries of anxious fans who are chomping at the bit to play DriveClub, a racing title that was meant to be a PlayStation 4 launch title.

According to CVG, the update followed the news of Col Rodgers, DriveClub's director, leaving Evolution Studios. A Sony spokesperson told CVG that the development of DriveClub on PlayStation 4 "is going from strength to strength."

The spokesperson went on to say that the company is confident that Evolution Studios will deliver and provide the "first truly socially connected racing title" and that "the progress being made on the game is spectacular." In the near future, Sony will provide another update on the development of DriveClub, as well as a hard release date and footage from the game.

There have been some recent changes for Sony Worldwide Studios, including a number of layoffs across PlayStation's UK studios. Some of the studios affected were London Studio, Guerrilla Cambridge Studio and Evolution Studio.

Some fans might be worried that the restructuring might have affected DriveClub's development, especially since its released was already delayed last October, but the spokesperson said, "The announced studio changes across WWS have not affected the development of DriveClub or the DriveClub team, which has always had great direction and continues to do so."

Earlier in March, Scott Rohde, software product development head for Sony Worldwide Studios America, hinted that they might have gone back to the drawing board to ensure that they release a great game.

"And we really don't want to release a game before it's ready. And sometimes, this happens in the normal course of business, where we think we're on track to deliver what we think is going to be a great game, and when we get closer, we realize that we'd be doing everyone a disservice if we shipped it before it was ready," said Rohde.

Even with all of the perceived troubles, the Sony spokesperson made it clear that there should be nothing to worry about and that the development of DriveClub should lead to a great game that's worth the wait.

The release window of the title had been pushed from early 2014 to TBA 2014, so we only have to wait a little bit longer to get an idea of when to expect this socially connected racing experience.