Sony is starting to close the door on the handheld that brought us Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, Patapon, the third Parasite Eve and so many other classics.

IGN reports that the PlayStation Store will no longer be accessible for PSP (PlayStation Portable) users across multiple regions throughout the world. A representative from Sony claims that content can still be purchased for the PSP on the Sony Entertainment Network's online store via PC, but the handhelds will no longer be able to access the store. Any previous, digital purchases can still be re-downloaded through the PSP itself. These closures will occur for PSP users throughout a multitude of areas across Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Earlier this year, Sony announced that it would stop shipping any new PSP units worldwide.

Luckily, Sony has allowed North American PSP owners to still have access to the PlayStation Store. Regardless of what happens, we'll always remember the PSP for its wide array of noteworthy games. In terms of RPGs, the PSP offered a variety of excellent choices: such as Wild Arms XF, Star Ocean: Second Evolution, Lunar, Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Persona 3 Portable. Many of the PSP's classics are now out of print and have had their prices cranked absurdly high online, so we're glad we can still download them from the PS Store.

Dwindling PSP support and the decision to stop shipping new units worldwide are telltale signs that Sony is planning to focus primarily on the PS Vita.

This must be a conspiracy.