From the studio that brought you Amnesia: The Dark Descent comes the underwater sci-fi horror game, SOMA.

Fractional Games has released a 12-minute-long trailer for SOMA, which left us extremely excited for it. You play a lone survivor who must escape an underwater tech station where you must try to survive in a very Alien: Isolation-esque manner. You have no ways of trying to fight back, so you've got to hide from whatever it is that killed most of your crew.

SOMA takes place in an underwater station named PATHOS-2. Communications have been cut off and most of your fellow staff members have been missing or are dead. The only other things on board with you are the machines that staff the station, and some of them are starting to give off some bizarre, human-like vibes. It doesn't help that some of the dead are missing their brains...

There's something about SOMA that blends together our favorite last-gen games. Obviously, the big, hulking robot with the lights in its face reminded us a lot of a Big Daddy from BioShock. SOMA's claustrophobic underwater setting helps reinforce that. Obviously, the computer tech and gameplay is reminiscent of Alien: Isolation, but its the Dead Space vibe that we're certainly digging the most.

On Sept. 22, SOMA will debut for PC and PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, Frictional Games did not reveal whether or not it would be getting a physical release or if this first-person survival horror game will be a digital exclusive.