Fans of Smurfs' Village will be smurfing the night away when they see what's inside the smurfiest update yet for their favorite game.

Who let the Smurf out? Smurf smurf smurf smurf. Sorry about that. Capcom just released version 1.2.9 of Smurfs' Village and it might just be the biggest update yet! Just because Smurf Life was recently announced, doesn't mean you should abandon the village just yet!

The game now brings Papa Smurf into the mix. He lives in the new "mountain area" that can only be accessed by hot air balloon. Why is he up in the mountains? he's probably that crazy old relative none of the other Smurfs want to talk about and ignore at Smurf functions.

Speaking of Smurf family gatherings, the update also has a Thanksgiving banquet that you can prepare with food and decorations.Just don't invite Gargamel. He may decide he wants to eat more than turkey.

There are some other game additions like a special reward for fixing the windmill, bug fixes and various improvements.

Click to smurf your copy of Smurfs' Village for your iPhone & iPad. Smurfy!