Looks like Sly Cooper is going to be the second Sony video game franchise adapted into a CGI movie via Blockade Entertainment and Rainmaker Entertainment, with the upcoming Rachet & Clank film being the first (and set to drop a year before Sly Cooper does in 2015). ThePlayStation Blog has just unveiled the official announcement for the upcoming film, and provided an excellent teaser trailer as to what Sly Cooper is all about.

Since this is going to be the Sly trio's introduction to mainstream audiences, expect that the Sly Cooper film will be oriented around the plot of the first video game in the series, Sly Cooper and the Thievus Raccoonus. Fans of the anthropomorphic series might recognize the Thievus Raccoonus as the book handed from generation to generation in the Cooper family line. This book contains the Cooper secret arts of sneaking and thievery, which the family has used to gain tremendous wealth throughout the years. In the first game, Sly sought revenge against those who killed his parents and stole the Thievus Raccoonus from his home.

In the trailer, Sly Cooper can be seen running across rooftops as his orphanage buddies, Bentley the turtle (the brains of the Cooper Gang's caperings) and Murray the pink hippo (the muscle and wheelman) are in the Cooper Gang's van, speeding through the streets. We won't spoil the joke of the trailer, but it'll make you go nuts.

Based on the trailer, it seems as though Kevin Miller, the voice of Sly throughout the most of the video game series, has been replaced by veteran voice actor, Ian James Corlett, who you might remember as the voice of Cheetor in 'Transformers: Beast Wars' and the Blue Bomber himself in the 'Mega Man' animated series.

Sly Cooper is expected to debut in theaters sometime in 2016.

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