Radiant Worlds has unveiled its new game, SkySaga, and it is issuing a call to arms.

"Be The Hero" SkySaga's website demands of its viewers, drawing in gamers to "an adventure of infinite possibility and endless intrigue." The trailer for the game, also posted on SkySaga's Twitter, shows a multiplayer world not unlike Minecraft. On the same path as Minecraft, the game invites the players to create a world of their own making. The one repeating theme of the website is the player is to forge his own path to success.

SkySaga boasts inviting calls to action such as, "See the World", "Fight to Win", and "Build and Create" on its site, explaining the three major points of the game. Players can quest alone or with friends; play in PvP arenas; and dig, harvest, or trade in order to craft weapons. SkySaga will also feature different playable classes such as explorer, crafter, trader, miner, gladiator, farmer, architect, and adventurer. This is just one more way Radiant Worlds is offering players a bit more customization than they may have seen in other similar titles.

The Guardian explains the game as being similar to Minecraft as well. Players start out on their own customizable home-base. From there, they can take portals to do quests. The quests eventually give you enough items, keystones, to create more quests. Sometimes, when entering a quest, you are paired up with someone else in the multiplayer universe with whom you can enjoy some co-op play. As per usual, leveling up helps unlock better formulas for creating items.

Right now, you can sign up for registration at SkySaga's website. This enables players to get first access when the game comes out for PC later this year.