Skylanders SWAP Force is looming in the distance, eyeing our hard-earned income and shoving its tantalizing coolness in our faces.

SWAP Force is just one of the four new titles coming down the chute that aims to expand the Sklyanders franchise. It was just announced the other day, and now Activision continues its marketing assault by putting out this charmingly cute teaser trailer.

The trailer is set to what sounds like Fat Boy Slim's "Weapon of Choice", which is appropriate, given the mix-and-match nature of the new toys.

We see a bunch of the new heroes swapping out their tops and bottoms in order to take on new forms. For example, the Davy Jones-like octopirate named Wash Buckler can switch legs with Stink Bomb, the green skunk, in order to become Wash Bomb.

And we see our old buddy Kaos come by, who also becomes the target of the swapping power and becomes a graceful ballerina. It's all great fun.

Check out the teaser below and tell us if you're ready for your collection to grow. Or, if you haven't jumped at the chance to collect all of this plastic awesomeness, let us know if this new line of toys is enough to get you to start!