Some new Skylanders SWAP Force screenshots have surfaced, as well as a couple of product shots. Let's have a look at the next income-draining iteration of the Skylanders franchise!

We have the likes of Countdown, Wash Buckler, Stealth Elf, and Magna Charge in these pictures, doing what Skylanders do best: looking cool and kicking Kaos minion butt.

There are a few details about the next game that we can gleam from these screenshots, such as locations with more of the series' airships and an area called Ironjaw Gulch.

Of the characters featured here, we're inclined to say that Countdown looks the coolest. We mean, c'mon -- he's a literal walking time-bomb with rockets for hands. He's very cool, but not someone we'd want to give a bro-fist to on the street.

You can also check out some product shots of Wash Buckler and Stealth Elf. We're interested in seeing all of the different combinations players will dream up, but we can't help but think that some of them will resemble creatures from our nightmares. Oh well.

Let us know what you think of the SWAP Force in the comments section!