Feel the need to expand your collection of Sklyanders Giants figures? If you're going to be in New York City on February 5th, you'll have the opportunity to welcome the newest Skylander to your crew, for free!

According to Destructoid, the newest Skylander, named Ninjini, will be offered for free during an event at the Toys "R" Us in Time Square. Attendees will have a chance to grab this figure before its official launch.

Newcomers to the game, and those have yet to sell their souls to Activision in some way, can purchase a Starter Pack for $25 off. There's also a buy two, get one free special, so folks can really stock up on their new plastic obsession.

And guys ...you'll be able to meet some Skylanders, live and in-person! How come you're not on a train, plane, or some kind of automobile yet?!

The poster below shows us the details of this happy, toy-hoarding event. Let us know if you'll be making a trip to NYC for this new figure!

Sklyanders Giants