During a video showcasing The Sims 4 E3 demo, the producers revealed the upcoming sequel would include a premium membership for the very first time.

This latest gameplay footage of The Sims 4 showcases lush neighborhoods, dynamic interactions and a surprise visit from the reaper. Just over 20 minutes long, this walkthrough provides a ton of new content for you to check out, including various outdoor activities, party shenanigans and what happens with your Sim dies. The video also shows that you are now able to download community-created content on the fly and implement it into your world whenever you would like.

Producers Graham Nardone and Ryan Vaughn let us in as to what we get with a Premium Sims 4 account. With a Premium membership, you get exclusive items, early access to new content and discounts on the various add-ons and expansions that are coming to Sims 4. This is the first time the Sims is trying something in the Battlefield style, and it could backfire tremendously if EA isn't on point. Particularly given the fan backlash over some of the now-standard Sims features being pulled from The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 will be bringing the PlumbBob back to your virtual world when it launches on Sept. 2 for PC.