That's right, Xbox owners, you may not be getting Street Fighter V, but at least you can console yourself with some high quality television courtesy of the new Showtime Anytime app, a service which allows Xbox Gold subscribers to watch Showtime anytime.

This new app lets you watch all of Showtimes original series past and present, everything from 'Shameless', 'Masters of Sex', and 'Californication' to 'House of Lies', 'Penny Dreadful', and 'Dexter' (although don't watch 'Dexter' because holy cow that final season/episode is bad).

Showtime Anytime comes with may of the modern amenities we've come to expect from streaming services, giving users the ability to resume watching something after changing devices, create a custom list of shows and movies to watch, and even full Kinect support. No more using your hands like a baby's toy- you can just flail about like some kind of technopathic wizard to get your stream on. Plus, not only can you marathon your way through Showtime's large catalog, you can also watch the east and west coast broadcast live.

So, if you're an Xbox Gold subscriber, there's no reason not to snag this app, because it's flippin' free, people. Showtime Anytime is currently available for download on Xbox One and Xbox 360.