With only two days left until the game’s release, indie developer Yacht Club Games has unveiled a release trailer for Shovel Knight, showing the titular hero in 8-bit action.

A side-scrolling retro title for the Wii U, 3DS and PC platforms, Shovel Knight features an authentic NES color palette and draws inspiration from classic 8-bit titles like Super Mario Bros. 3, DuckTales and the Mega Man series. The eponymous Shovel Knight will wield his mighty Shovel Blade to defeat enemies, destroy barriers and dig up treasure while collecting powerful relics and upgrades in order to defeat the evil Enchantress and save his lost beloved.

While the visuals are clearly 8-bit inspired, more advanced technologies are at work in Shovel Knight to bridge the gap between eras. Multilayered parallax scrolling and advanced animation techniques bring backgrounds and characters to life, while evolved game design ensures that players who didn’t grow up with rectangular controllers can also appreciate the journey. The game’s grand score is arranged by chiptune artist Jake Kauffman with help from Manami Matsumae, the composer of the original Mega Man score.

With its instantly lovable retro style, self-aware sense of humor and epic musical accompaniment, Shovel Knight promises to charm retro gamers while putting their old-school thumb skills to the test with challenging platforming and combat.

Shovel Knight will be available on June 26.

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