In a detailed sales breakdown on its website, Yacht Club Games let us in on how its first game, Shovel Knight, performed in its first month in the wild. To summarize in one word: amazing!

In the first week, Shovel Knight sold 75,000 units across all three platforms it launched on, Wii U (27 percent of units), 3DS (35 percent of units), and PC (38 percent of units), with a fairly even distribution among them. As time went on, that number climbed to the one-month total of 180,000 units across the three platforms, with the percentages still pretty evenly distributed (37 percent Steam, 33 percent 3DS, 27percent Wii U, two percent Humble Bundle, one percent

How does Yacht Club feel about all this? "Overall, we’re extremely happy with the sales," the blog post writes. "We don’t have sales data on many other digital games to offer a comparison, but we do know it’s doing very well for our company – meaning the six of us!  This means we can keep our current course and continue making the stretch goal content without fear of disbanding or seeking additional funding."

We're really happy for the success of Shovel Knight, as it's an incredible game that seems like it was ripped right from 1988 yet also seems completely current. We can't explain how that works, but it does and you should be playing it. Here's to hoping Yacht Club can make their lofty one million unit sales goal, because it deserves it.