Shiva is one icy lady, but her recurring appearance throughout all of Final Fantasy's illustrious history has made her a fan favorite. And it seems that with every iteration of this frosty summon, she only gets more attractive, making her perfect as a Cosplay of the Day.

Even though she's come in all shapes and sizes, there's always something familiar about the ice summon, Shiva. Whether it's her seemingly anti-gravity hair, her glacial skin, or the way she floats about and delivers a Diamond Dust attack, Shiva's been a staple of the Final Fantasy series as much as other beloved summons like Ifrit or Bahamut. The only difference is that, among the roster of summons, Shiva is easily the most attractive.

This is Yurai Cosplay, all suited up in Shiva's signature blues and rocking the summon's look from Final Fantasy 10.We're not sure how heavy that wig is, especially with all of those rings at the ends, but this is one cosplay that truly impresses.

Now you can summon up Yurai's cosplay any time you want by going to her deviantART page and checking out the rest of her catalog.


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