We don't get many Lineage 2 cosplays here on Arcade Sushi, but when we do, they're usually pretty cool. Today we've got a rather impressive cosplay of Shilen, the Goddess of Destruction. Let's hope that looking upon her image won't incur her mighty wrath.

Shilen ruled the Underworld after all her children perished in a great war. After awakening from a long slumber, Shilen set out to pour darkness over the land and enraged monsters who drank her bloody rain. When attacking a floating city, she accidentally released the spirit of the last surviving Giant, who would then join up with the humans in order to stop her from destroying everything. And then her plan for total annhilation failed. But still, you have to give her credit for having such grand aspirations.

Here is Nemu013 in an ornate Shilen costume. She looks every bit as ethereal as you'd expect a goddess of destruction to appear. We know we wouldn't be able to manage all of that hair and the body paint, but we're glad to see a cosplayer really committing to a character and helping it come to life.

See more of Nemu013's work on her deviantART and let us know if you'd welcome an apocalypse ushered in by this beautiful cosplayer.

Svetlana Nekrasova
Yuliya Abramova

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