Today's Cosplay of the Day features a character we've kinda grown up with over the course of a few years. You may remember her as a child in Resident Evil 2, but she's kicking ass and taking names as an adult in Resident Evil 6! Say hello to Sherry Birkin, from the Resident Evil series.

Sherry's first appearance was in Resident Evil 2, where she ran into Claire Redfield in an overrun Raccoon City. While trying to survive the horrors of the city, she was eventually infected with the G-virus. Once she received the vaccine for it, the G-virus mutated and gave her accelerated healing and didn't cause her to hulk out into a monstrous being. In Resident Evil 6, Sherry goes through a whole different set of ordeals as a government agent.

Here is Daran Eichi, a cosplayer from Japan, all dressed up in Sherry's alternate outfit from the Mercenaries mode. It's a take on Sherry's original school uniform, but with modified colors to make her look even cooler -- and maybe a bit like Supergirl. Either way, we're digging this awesome cosplay from the East!

Check out Daran's other work, which includes more Resident Evil costumes, on her deviantART. Definitely check out her jaw-dropping Jill Valentine outfits!

Daran H
Daran H

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