A brand new patch for the PC version of Resident Evil 6 has just gone live. The 1.03 patch, detailed on the official Steam page, fixes numerous gameplay bugs and issues that could make the game harder that it was supposed to be.

The patch notes are as follows:

  • Fixed responses to commands given by partners in co-op.
  • Fixed the display issue with the "Ustanak 1" action figure in Collections
  • Fixed the difficulty level during the Haos battle in Chris’ campaign, chapter 5-3
  • Fixed the input problem when using gamepads during the J'avo car chase scene in Chris’ campaign, chapter 3-6
  • Fixed the issue where the player is unable to go through the door in Jake’s campaign, chapter 4-4

A number of other non-listed issues were also fixed.

The Steam client should automatically download and apply the Resident Evil 6 patch as soon as it’s available. So if you quit the game due to a game breaking bug, come back and give the game another try. If you haven't already deleted it.

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