In Disney's Seven Dwarfs: The Queen's Return, our villain from the original Snow White tale is back to wreak havoc on Snow White's happy ending by trapping her and most of her friends in a creepy forest. Through a number of quests, it's your mission to save everyone and restore peace to the once happy land. The game doesn't really feel like a continuation of the Snow White story but it gives you an excuse to explore more of the world that this Disney princess resides in.

In some ways the graphics are very reminiscent of the Disney games that used to come out for the Game Gear back in the early to mid '90s, but with a little bit of modern day touch ups. Then we could also compare the gameplay for Seven Dwarfs: The Queen's Return to any sort of world-building game out on phones right now. Yes, the quest is to go and rescue Snow White and the rest of your dwarf bretherin, but a lot of the time you're building houses and getting certain items together so you can save somebody from whatever cave they're trapped in.

What makes the game a little longer than you expect is all the side quests that are sprinkled in between your main journey. You have to hack away at some of the pain-in-the-ass dark forest trees that keep cropping up on your super happy looking lawn. Then you have to go in different areas to find certain items in order to build something that will save a character. It's all very tedious, and appears to be short, but before you know it Seven Dwarfs has eaten up an hour's worth of your time.

Similar to the world-building games that are out right now, you're able to move and constantly create more items that will help you make this virtual forest really start to blossom. When you're focusing more on the side quests, the game gets a little dull, and the mysterious, but sleepy music doesn't help much either. Thank goodness there aren't any special actions that each of the dwarfs do, because if that were the case then this would become even more frustrating. They move around aimlessly through the patches of land that you've cleared off and slightly lag when you double click on a location for them to appear in.

At least there are some fun bonus sections to deal with. You can easily raise up your experience levels by just hacking away at the dark forest trees. There's also a Halloween-themed event going on at the moment which will help you gain even more experience and coins if you manage to complete any of those small missions.

Even though Seven Dwarfs: The Queen's Revenge borders on the line of dullness, there are at least enough things to do before it's off to work you go.


App Store Link: Seven Dwarfs: The Queen's Return for iPhone & iPad | By Disney 2013 | Price: Free | Version: 2.0.23 | 49.4 MB | Rating: 4+

6.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating