Remember After Burner? Sega's hyper dogfighting game series provide some of the best arcade flying action you can get. In a recent blog post, Sega announced that it's bringing the last game in the series to iOS. That's right, After Burner Climax is on a highway to the danger zone! And by danger zone, we mean the App Store

After Burner Climax has been out for a while now, slowly making the rounds to different distribution networks. But with the success of cockpit fighter games like Galaxy on Fire and Metalstorm on iOS, now is the time for After Burner to make its way to your Apple mobile device.

In the blog post, Sega didn't specify a release date for After Burner Climax other than to say that it's, "on the way," and will be arriving at, "mach speed." We guess that means it will be getting released soon. It better be, anyways. We just don't tolerate liberal usage of speed terms around here.