It seems that a fables prototype from the Sega Saturn years has turned up on a gamer forum. As it seems, this is one of two prototypes and is owned by a former employee of Sega.

The Sega Saturn was a console forgotten by many, but loved by a few. It has some fantastic games and was definitely ahead of its time. This newly revealed prototype, called the Pluto, has been in the possession of a former Sega employee for 14 years. We guess he assumed after all of that time, Sega wouldn't mind if he released some photos and specs to some fans of gaming history.

The Pluto is a version of the Saturn console with the NetLink modem encased in its outer shell. Even back then, the Sega Saturn foresaw internet connectivity in games. Granted, it was only used for a handful of games, but it was thought of nonetheless.

If you'd like to check out more photos of the legendary console, you can scope out the post on Assembler Games, complete with photos and nostalgia.