Tonight at the stroke of midnight, a rabbit will rise from the grave and begin his rampage on the App Store. Building on the success of Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, Sega has decided to let loose Ash the demonic bunny on iOS gamers everywhere. Beware!

Armed with a new jetpack driller weapon, Ash will careen his way through the fiery caverns and pits of hell, picking off netherworldly monsters left and right. All in a day's work for an undead rabbit.

Not to be confused with 2D Boy's Little Inferno, Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno promises to be much less of an experimental title and more focused on running action. While the game won't be exactly the same as it was on consoles, it will likely incorporate key elements into a mobile experience, much in the same way that Rayman Jungle Run did (and quite expertly, might we add).

Look for it tonight in the App Store. It should only set you back about a buck. For now, peep this teaser trailer: