The stylistic, wild west cast of hombres in Secret Ponchos reaches a magnificent seven as players will be geting a new pack of DLC.

Yousuf Mapara, the CEO of Switchblade Monkeys, has announced on the PlayStation Blog that his team is releasing Secret Poncho's newest DLC, The Hunting Ground. The Hunting Ground DLC pack will include two new levels: The Mines and Plaza. The Mines are filled with tight tunnels along with carts and piles of ore you can hide behind to avoid fire. Plaza looks like many of the war-ravaged towns of the late 1800s.

The two new outlaws being added to Secret Poncho in the form of The Hunter Ground's paid DLC characters include Gordo and The Wolf. Gordo comes with a Gatling gun and a Molotov. Wolf is native warrior who wears the fur of a great canine beast. She also comes with a silent bow.

While no pricing was not yet revealed for the two DLC characters, the two new stages of The Hunting Ground will be free to download. The Hunting Ground's DLC pack will go live on Feb. 17.