Pssst. Hey, stranger. C'mere. Rumor has it you're in the market for some ponchos. Secret ponchos. Well, as luck would have it, I've got what you need, if the price is right.

*opens trenchcoat to reveal the trailer to a stylized, Wild West-inspired top-down shooter.

Like what you see?

Looking to break away from the endless sea of military-themed first-person shooters, Secret Ponchos blends the insane gunslinging action of the wild west with twin-stick shooter combat.

Secret Ponchos will feature multiple maps, game modes, and characters with distinct weapon loadouts. The developers at Switchblade Monkeys were inspired by games like Street Fighter II and Team Fortress 2 when creating it, desiring to make the game feel more like a fighting game than a traditional shooter. Though the small, but dedicated, development team at Switchblade Monkeys has included both team and free-for-all modes for 2-8 players, including Domination and Deathmatch. You will be able to play split-screen either online or on the couch, and though there are only five characters to choose from now, more have been promised down the line.

Secret Ponchos is available today on PlayStation 4 for the low price of free if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Otherwise, you'll have to pony up $14.99 to enjoy the multiplayer mayhem. You can also check Secret Ponchos out on Steam Early Access.