Another delay has hit Ubisoft's planned Scott Pilgrim vs. The World downloadable content, pushing it to sometime in 2013.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World released back in 2010, not coincidentally around the same time as the Universal movie of the same name. The downloadable game however, shared more in common with Bryan Lee O'Malley's original comic book vision than it did the films.

New downloadable content was announced for the game, featuring Scott's roommate Wallace Wells and online multiplayer, was originally supposed to release in August. Of course, that release date got pushed, and with the end of 2012 fast approaching, many were wondering just where this new playable character was. After rumors of the DLC's cancellation made the rounds, Polygon discovered Ubisoft was still planning to release the content. Just not until 2013.

There's still no confirmed set date in mind, but at least Ubi is still planning to release it eventually. When it does finally arrive for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the add-on will cost $5.