Volition has handed us the key to Pandora's Box as Saints Row IV's software development kit is now available to the public, letting the fiends and geniuses of the Internet create all sorts of insidious weaponry.

According to IGN, Volition has released Saints Row IV's SDK on SaintsRowMods. This marks the first modding software development kit officially made public for Saints Row IV. While the PC version of the game has already had extensive amounts of player-made modding done to it in the past, Volition has now decided to support this community by giving them the proper tools they need, including tutorials, template files and various design tools for making new weapon models.

Volition has also provided a minor preview for Saints Row 4's Gat Out of Hell expansion. In particular, we get to see the Damned Impaler, which is now available with the software development kit online. Once Gat Out of Hell launches, the Damned Impaler will change and function quite differently. The company has also included every weapon template from Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV to help give all you weapon smiths out there a nice core set of examples to build from.