The famed dungeon-crawling series is back with Sacred 3, set to let you and your friends destroy hordes of monsters for glory.

Deep Silver has announced that Sacred 3 will be released this summer. This latest installment of the Sacred series will feature a new class called the Malakhim and a planned downloadable content episode called the Underworld Story. In this DLC, players must fight their way to the top of a tower to face off against the Black Seraphim, which fans might remember from Sacred 2.

The hack 'n' slash action of Sacred 3 will allow for drop in, drop out cooperative multiplayer. You and your friends can take on the roles of the Seraphim, Ancarian, Khukuhru, Safiri and the new Malakhim. You'll be able to partake in two-player local multiplayer or jump online to battle with three other friends.

Get ready for some fast-paced action with your buddies when Sacred 3 arrives on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on Aug. 21.